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Even in a field as venerated as chemistry, it can be difficult for schools to facilitate the kind of extensive one-on-one time that some students need to reach their true potential. That’s why Learning Ways Education exists: to complement your child’s state education and help them get the best possible understanding (and marks) they can. Our staff have years of experience in helping local children achieve academic success. If you'd like to have a chat about our services, reach out using the form below.

Tutors with Extensive Knowledge

All our tutors have an expansive knowledge of chemistry and are familiar with the current national curriculum, enabling us to help your child no matter the class or specific exam focus. Whether your son or daughter requires a bit of extra help with maths or maybe just need a different way to understand the periodic table, we have experts across the board who are ready to help your child to be the best they can be.

Why Learning Ways Education?

At Learning Ways Education, it is tailored tuition aimed at students needs with high expectation for ALL of students. We provide: . Tailored and personalised learning based on students needs. . Access to new and improved resources for individual and small group tuition, designed by a teacher. . Through encouragement and positivity to inspire to succeed. . Trained and experienced staff who are skilled and love what they do. . Provide tests and examinations. . A safe and bright learning environment for students to learn and thrive.


Wheelchair accessible
By appointment only
Wifi on the premises
Spoken languages:
English, Somali


Highly recommend this tuition, they keep people of all abilities in mind and push them to their limits!
My grades have definitely improved since coming here. The teachers are very helpful and teach at a good pace. I am given the resources that I need and therefore I am able to progress further in my...
Ever since my brothers have been going here, his teachers have seen an improvement in his academic knowledge.

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